Our Professional trained Team of investigators, Case Analysts, Authorized licensees, and Case Managers works 365 days a year,seven days a week,and all holidays to remain available to assist you and provide you our services: 

  • Accident Investigation, Accident re-construction, Adoption inquiries, Antispying, Aviation matters  
  • Business intelligence , Business Investigations  
  • Child Abuse matters, Child Retrieval
  • Civil matters, Claims, Company Reports, Computer Investigations & Security, All types of Security services, Corporate Fraud, Corporate Espionage, Covert (Hidden) & Overt cameras, Credit Reporting, Criminal Records, Criminal Investigations
  • Debt Collection & Commercial recoveries, De-Bugging & Drug Testing, Diligence inquiries
  • Email Tracing, Employee Fraud & Theft matters, Expert witness
  • Family Court matters, Financial and Asset investigations, Fire and Arson investigation, Forensic services
  • General inquiries
  • Inquiry agents, Injuries related claims, Insurance fraud, Insurance Claims, Intellectual, Liability matters, 
  • Litigation support, Loss Adjustors & Assessors, Loss Prevention
  • Marine Accident & Theft matters, Mercantile services, Missing persons , Mobile Phone Anti Bugging, Mobile phone Debugging
  • Peace of mind inquiries, Personal injury claims, Property matters
  • Risk Management, Skip tracing, Spouse partner activity, Surveillance, Surveillance (static & mobile)
  • Teenage activity, Theft & Stolen Property matters, Threat management
  • Undercover operations, Undercover agents
  • Witness location, Workers Compensation claims, Workplace incident investigations 

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