At EK Private Eye Investigators, we offer a wide range of private investigation services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing discreet and confidential investigative solutions that help you achieve your objectives.

Types of Private Investigation Services:

Civil & Criminal Investigations:

Our civil and criminal investigations are designed to gather evidence and uncover the truth in legal matters. Whether you’re involved in a civil dispute or facing criminal case, our investigators have the expertise to conduct thorough investigations. We gather information, interview witnesses, analyze evidence, and provide detailed reports that can be crucial for your legal proceedings.

Domestic Investigations:

Our domestic investigations encompass a range of personal matters such as child custody disputes, pre-marital background checks, domestic abuse investigations, and more. We handle each case with empathy and discretion, conducting interviews, surveillance, and background checks to uncover the truth. We provide you with accurate information and detailed reports to assist you in making informed decisions.

Financial Investigations:

Our financial investigations focuses on uncovering fraud, embezzlement, and other financial irregularities. This service includes analyzing financial records, tracing transactions, conducting forensic accounting, and identifying discrepancies. We provide comprehensive reports and evidence that can be used for legal proceedings or internal actions.

Infidelity & Extramarital Affairs:

Our infidelity and extramarital affairs investigations are conducted with utmost discretion and sensitivity. This service includes surveillance, discreet inquiries, and gathering evidence to confirm or refute suspicions of infidelity. We provide you with detailed reports, photographs, and video evidence to help you make informed decisions about your relationship.

Insurance Investigations:

Our insurance investigations focus on uncovering fraudulent claims. This service includes conducting interviews, surveillance, document analysis, and background checks to gather evidence. We work closely with insurance companies to protect their interests and provide them with the necessary evidence to prevent and detect fraudulent claims.

Locating Services:

Our locating services are designed to help you find missing persons or assets. This service includes utilizing our extensive resources and expertise to track down individuals. We also conduct asset searches to help you uncover hidden or undisclosed assets. We provide you with detailed reports and information to assist you in locating the desired person or asset.


Our surveillance service involves discreetly monitoring activities to gather information and evidence. This may include physical surveillance, electronic monitoring, and other specialized techniques. We provide you with detailed reports, photographs, and video evidence to support your case or provide you with the necessary information.

At EK Private Eye Investigators, we pride ourselves on delivering timely results without sacrificing accuracy. Whether it’s a simple background check or a complex infidelity investigation process, our experienced team will go above and beyond expectations by using cutting-edge technology coupled with years of experience handling similar cases, ensuring that our clients get the best possible outcome.
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