EK PRIVATE EYE – PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS Is a Premier Private Investigation and Detective Agency in Cyprus.

Our Agency provides a complete Investigation and Informative surveillance service all around the world, but mainly in Cyprus, Greece, Middle East, the Balkans and Europe.

Our Private Investigations Agency is exceptionally experienced in Private Investigations, & We specialize in: Insurance Investigations, Company Reports & Reaserch, Fraud Investigation, Background Checks, Computer Forensics, Email Tracing, Cheating Spouses, Bug Sweeps (Removals) and Surveillance.

Our Investigators use the latest effective technology and all Investigations are conducted by PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS who are experts on information gathering or specific evidence you require, quickly and accurately, we are often able to provide high defenition video.

Our clients include:

  • Attorneys
  • Banks
  • Corporations
  • Insurance Companies
  •  Shipping Companies
  •  Government Agencies
  •  The General Public

We provide all clients with a written report with the most up-to-date surveillance documentation possible.

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