EK Private Eye – PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS Is a premier Private Investigation and Detective Agency in Cyprus.

The Agency locates it’s headquarters in CYPRUS with Private Investigators operating Worldwide.

EK Private Eye is a totally independent, 100% Reliable & honest Private Investigations firm. Our Agency is manned and controlled by highly skilled professional investigators and the utmost security experts. We release continuous training programs for our Investigators, to ensure that we are always ahead and on top of every situation we are called to deal with for the best results.

Our portfolio comprises of successfully accomplished cases of investigations and assignments that have been flawlessly carried out successfully over the years, Worldwide,mainly in Cyprus, Greece, Middle East, the Balkans and Europe.

Our agency, focuses on providing our clients with the information they need and provide our services according to their timeframe and budget. Our motto is to serve all of our clients with the utmost confidentiality and honesty. A wordlwide global network of contacts and resources has been established to assist our team with every case we are assigned to. QUALIFY MEMBER IN WORLDWIDE PRIVATE DETECTIVES & INVESTIGATOR ASSOCIATIONS

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